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Gale Custom Homes has found that clear communication allows us to obtain achievable deadlines, providing you with the highest level of satisfaction.
If you have a question that we have not answered on this page, please call Jeffery at 859-388-0789 anytime.

1. Will I have direct access to Jeffery Gale throughout the building process?
Yes. Gale Custom Homes is dedicated to being there throughout every step of the way to ensure that your new home is everything you wanted. He visits your home site often and is familiar with each detail of the process. He will be accessible anytime by calling him at 859-388-0789.

2. What should I expect in a first meeting?
Your first meeting with Gale Custom Homes will be spent discussing your dream home visions. You may already have a blueprint, some initial ideas or can select from some of our existing plans. We will use these visions to determine the feasibility of your dream home plans compared to what your budget allows.

3. How can I best describe my expectations and vision for a home?
A picture tells a thousand words, so the best preparation in communicating your vision to us with as many pictures and ideas. Our website is a great place to start with photos, styles and plans we have mastered. Additionally, friends and acquaintances that have been through the building process can provide personal stories about their experience. These stories will allow you to gauge your expectations and communicate them to Gale Custom Homes by means of questions.

4. How often should I visit the construction site?
Gale Custom Homes is very flexible in allowing you to be as involved as you wish to. Throughout the home building process, we will have scheduled meetings with you at the site. These meetings will be used to refine the requirements of such things as electrical, plumbing, and kitchen. These are great opportunities to discuss any questions that you have and bring up any specific detail that has not been discussed already. Anytime throughout process you can call Gale Custom Homes.

5. How much time does the building process take of me?
In addition to visits or occasional walk-throughs at the site, a great deal of time can be spent in choosing the finishing selections of the home. There are thousands of selections that go into the construction of a new home, and each selection must be clearly specified and understood by both parties. These selections can include…

floors: hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl
major appliances
plumbing fixtures
light fixtures
counter tops
shower doors
hardware: door knobs

6. How do I request a change or alteration during the building process?
You may first ask, what constitutes a change or alteration. A change or alteration is anything through the process of building the home that looks like it will require additional time and/or money to make the change occur. A change does not always occur after you see something you don’t prefer in the home, it may be something that will be taking place in the next week or so of the project. If there is ever a change that you wish to see made in the home, simply contact Jeffery Gale directly to discuss the change. Gale Custom Homes will need to discuss this change with you and any implications this has on the current budget.

7. Does Gale Custom homes require that we use specific kitchen and bath suppliers?
No. Gale Custom Homes will be happy to make recommendations, but does not require that you use specific vendors for such things as kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures.

Supplier/ Associations list:

Anderson Windows –

84 Lumber

Armstrong Floors –

Crown Stairs –

Wellborn Forest –

Delta Hardware –

DSA Doors –

Clay Ingles – –

Wildcat Shower and Door –

Pella Windows –

National Home Builders Association –

HBAL of Lexington –

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